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  Reap the rewards of a unique business model

A courseware library used daily – worldwide.


You keep the assets. Income guaranteed.


Benefit from our decade of experience.


Share in our success.


Limited number of franchises available.


Due to the success of our brand and the very high profit margin on our courseware, we can offer a clone of our operation, coupled with full backup and support, on a franchise basis. Giving you the chance to build a regional CoursewareCo of your own.

A CoursewareCo brand derivative, web site and courseware library will give you:

  • An easy to run business operation.

  • A business operation that takes no space and has tiny overheads.

  • A fully relocatable business should you change your circumstances.

  • A very high profit margin on courseware sales. From a courseware library that you yourself can have a hand in expanding (optional).

  • A business that can be a great add-on for other IT or training businesses to enhance

Price Guide (in GBP):

For extended franchise agreements with 2 years no maintenance fees.

USA complete - 12, 000

India complete - 5, 000

Nigeria complete - 5, 000

Australia complete - 7,500

with territorial arrangements you have full access to the territorial market.

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  Could you run a CoursewareCo Franchise in your country?

Our product - editable, or 'customizable' courseware has always proved very popular in the UK. And we sell a lot of IT and SoftSkills courseware worldwide.

Our courseware is written in English and is used daily in classrooms and for corporate learning requirements all over the world. We are now seeking to franchise CoursewareCo operational packages to places where English is a major working and/or educational language.

Your own courseware publishing company, in your region or country - from 5,000 (GBP)

What your franchise would include:

  1. A regional CoursewareCo. website; tuned to your region.

    Fitted to an appropriate domain name. We already own some English language regional domain names.

    The site is fully controllable and can be altered and administrated by you - the franchisee.

  2. A copy of our entire courseware library. You sell the courseware in your region and keep all the profits. For as long as you remain licensed and pay the annual fee.

  3. Backup and support on running the business, sales and marketing and technical issues.

  4. You receive all the new courses we publish - to add in to your library. For as long as you remain licensed and pay the annual fee.

  5. The right to sell or transfer your CoursewareCo franchise. As long as you remain licensed and pay the annual fee.

The cost:

  • From 5,000 (GBP) franchise start-up package regional fee* .
    usually your country

  • Annual support and franchise fee - 500 (GBP).
    NOTE (OPTIONAL AUTHORING OPPORTUNITY) - the annual licence fee can be reduced by up to 500 for each courseware upgrade or new course title you contribute to the central COURSEWARECO library. Up to 5 course submissions per year (to the maximum value of the 2,500 yearly fee).

What you'll also need to provide and budget for:

  • Any advertising and marketing costs you decide on.

  • Annual hosting fees. 195 GBP if you use our hosting, but you can use any hosting company you choose.

  • Domain name annual renewal fee.

  • Printable DVDs and packaging and postal fees to meet  courseware order requirements.



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