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Your Own IT Training Library for £350

The IT Training Courseware Library Package with no ongoing fees to pay.

This product is perfect for independent Trainers who want to scale up to Training Company or 'Training Provider'.

Also, perfect for anyone with or without a training background who wishes to set up a comprehensive IT Training Company. Or to add IT Training to an existing business portfolio in one simple step.

Price of package - £350

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Buy IT Training Package now

Looking to start your own business?

Set yourself up instantly as an IT Training Company. Provide training on site or at independent venues. Choose your market...sell IT training to small businesses in your area, or go for larger clients. Or maybe you could organise training courses at a venue you could hire out and then advertise the course to the public in the local press. Perhaps one-to-one training may be more of interest to you. Or a distance learning operation? All these variations can be run from your home or a small office.


Do you already have a small business you could add a Training Service to?

It can only add credibility to any business to add a new dimension. Especially one that involves learning and shows expertise. You won't need to employ trainers; you can source them through us on a contractual day to day basis for any skill in any part of the UK. You'll only pay a trainer when you sell and get paid for a course you supply.


This package is comprehensive:

Set yourself up instantly as an IT Training Company. Provide training on site or at independent venues. Without any further start-up costs, this package gives you your own highly professional company with a massive pool of resources and everything you need to start trading immediately. You'll be easily recognised as an IT Training Provider, rather than a freelance trainer.

All the necessary training assets and business tools means everything you need to set up your own IT Training Company.

Courseware included in the package

(all fully editable for you to rebrand as your own before printing out for training)

Office 365 (v2019)
Word 2016 level 1
Word 2016 level 2
Word 2016 level 3
Word 2016 level 4 and VBA
Access 2016 level 1
Access 2016 level 2
Access 2016 level 3
Access 2016 Programming
Excel 2016 level 1
Excel 2016 level 2
Excel 2016 level 3
Excel 2016 Macros and VBA
Outlook 2016 level 1
Outlook 2016 level 2
PowerPoint 2016 level 1
PowerPoint 2016 level 2
Visio 2016 level 1
Visio 2016 level 2
Project 2016 level 1
Project 2016 level 2
Project 2016 level 3
Publisher 2016 level 1
Publisher 2016 level 2
Windows 10 User, Introduction (Level 1)
Windows 10 User, Advanced (Level 2)
Word 2013 level 1 
Word 2013 level 2 
Word 2013 level 3
Word 2013 VBA/programming
Access 2013 level 1 
Access 2013 level 2 
Access 2013 level 3
Access 2013 Programming (3 day course)
Excel 2013 level 1 
Excel 2013 level 2 
Excel 2013 level 3 
Excel 2013 Macros and VBA
Outlook 2013 level 1 
Outlook 2013 level 2 
PowerPoint 2013 level 1 
PowerPoint 2013 level 2  
Project 2013 level 1 
Project 2013 level 2
Project 2013 level 3
Publisher 2013 level 1 
Publisher 2013 level 2
SharePoint 2013 User Intro (1 day course)
OneNote 2013 (1 day course)
Microsoft Office Migration - Upgrade to MS Office 2013 for users.
Windows 8 - User, Introduction;  and Windows 8.1 - Introduction
Windows 8 - User, Advanced;  and Windows 8.1 - Advanced
Microsoft Office Migration - Upgrade to MS Office 2010 for users.
Word 2010 level 1 
Word 2010 level 2 
Word 2010 level 3
Word 2010 VBA/programming
Access 2010 level 1 
Access 2010 level 2 
Access 2010 level 3
Access 2010 Programming (3 day course)
Excel 2010 level 1 
Excel 2010 level 2 
Excel 2010 level 3 
Excel 2010 Macros and VBA
Outlook 2010 level 1 
Outlook 2010 level 2 
InfoPath 2010 level 1 
InfoPath 2010 level 2  
PowerPoint 2010 level 1 
PowerPoint 2010 level 2  
Project 2010 level 1 
Project 2010 level 2
Project 2010 level 3
Publisher 2010 level 1 
Publisher 2010 level 2
SharePoint 2010 User Intro (1 day course)
SharePoint 2010 Power User (4 day course)
SharePoint 2010 Designer (2 day course)
OneNote 2010
Visio 2010 level 1 
Visio 2010 level 2
Visio 2013 level 1 
Visio 2013 level 2
Excel 2007. Level 1
Excel 2007. Level 2
Word 2007. Level 2
Word 2007. Level 3
ASP (Active Server Pages)
Adobe Acrobat X -  Writer, Distiller and PDF Maker
Adobe Photoshop CS6 Introduction
Adobe Flash CS6 Introduction
Building a PC (Hardware)
Adobe InDesign CS6 Introduction. 2-day course.
C Programming. Introduction to Programming with C
C# Programming; Introduction
C++ Programming. 5-day course
Office 365 - Using Office 365 (1-day course)
Dreamweaver CS6 Introduction (Level 1; 2-day course)
Dreamweaver CS6 Advanced (Level 2; 2-day course)
ECDL; Module 1. Basic Concepts of Information Technology. UK/EUR edition
ECDL; Module 2. the Computer and Managing Files. UK/EUR edition
ECDL; Module 3. Word Processing. UK/EUR edition
ECDL; Module 4. Spreadsheets. UK/EUR edition
ECDL; Module 5. Databases/Filing Systems. UK/EUR edition
ECDL; Module 6. Presentation. UK/EUR edition
ECDL; Module 7. Information and Communication UK/EUR edition
Google CHROME Introduction
HTML Fundamentals
SEO (Search Engine Positioning) 1-day Course
Google Adwords 1-day Course
Google Analytics 1-day Course
Online Marketing 1-day Course
Social Media 1-day Course
Internet Explorer v9
Java Messaging Services
Java Programming; Advanced
Java Programming; Introduction
Java Servlets
Java Web-Services - Fundamentals
JavaScript Programming; Introduction
JSP Programming
Lotus Notes 8 Introduction
VB.NET Essentials and .NET framework
Visual Basic 6 Programming Advanced (Access backend)
Windows 7 Advanced
Windows 7 Introduction
Microsoft Expression Web 4.0

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