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Our Philosophy (Instructor-Led Training)
The most effective form of learning is face-to-face teaching. This fact is well-established in tradition all over the world. Instructor-led learning is proven to be the fastest and most effective. Screen-based training and books do not produce the long-lasting effect of person to person interaction.

With this in mind, we have always promoted our philosophy, that there is no substitute for Instructor-Led training. We do understand that in an environment where factors prevent people from indulging in ILT, any other form of learning is preferable to no learning attempt at all. This would justify the placement of Computer-Based Training (CBT), Video or 'Web Mentor' Training strategies. In all situations training and personnel departments are encouraged to offer some real ILT to those who need to learn IT. To this end, we are here to provide highly cost-effective ILT courseware at affordable prices.

ILT Costs Vs Online Training

Online Training is often hailed as an alternative to comparatively expensive classroom training arrangements. we say simply, if you can find a way of providing ILT, whether in classrooms or at desk-side, it will out-perform online training across the board.

ILT Results Vs Online Training
ILT gives you results you can quantify and test. ILT guarantees learning, through learning reinforcement and, crucially, all within a learning environment. Online learning is commonly unused or skipped through during times not specifically designated - training time or learning time.

ILT Versatility Vs Online Training
ILT allows for business-specific training with live and relevant examples. Classroom training can be tweaked or tailored to suit the business needs of the delegation. Even if delegates have different business tasks and needs.

Hidden Benefits of Instructor-led Training (ILT)
ILT delegates often say after training how certain things came up in the course that were highly relevant to daily tasks. Or questions were raised that allowed solutions to problems already sitting on delegates' desks back at the office. You can also consider benefits such as team building; delegates learning and working in a  live learning environment, together, on instructor-set tasks and exercises do bond.




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