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Payment Terms
Licence Terms
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Payment Terms
Mostly, prices shown are in GBP () or USD ($), but orders for courseware are accepted in all currencies.


STANDARD Licence Terms. For courseware supplied to IT Trainers and IT Training Providers ... Can I?

Print any number of hard copies
Print hard copies for an unrestricted time
Give hard copies to students/staff/delegates
Sell hard copies
Sell electronic copies
Store the courses on more than one PC
Store the courses at more than one site
Edit the courses
Merge and mix the courses
Add my company contact information
Add formats and style to the courses

NOTE: For alternative and more extended licence terms, for corporate training providers, please contact us.


Courseware Accuracy and Quality. Terms of sale.

We aim to provide affordable, error free courseware. Our prices are very low and we are very flexible on licensing conditions. For example, we do not even ask you to retain our copyright details in the courseware. You can brand it as yours. In return, please help us to maintain our position as a low priced supplier of good quality courseware by abiding by the following terms and conditions which apply to all sales:

We are constantly striving to improve our courseware with updates and, where necessary, corrections. We ask our customers to bear in mind that we produce IT training courseware, not reference manuals. Also, we ask our customers to bear in mind that our courseware is fully editable. Errors may occur in places in our massive range of IT courseware. If the error is minor, like a typo, you can correct it in the course manual, but please do tell us so that we may correct our copy too for our existing and future customers. If you find a technical error or exercise data file error, we pledge to correct the error as quickly as possible after you notify us and then return the corrected version to you, free of charge.

  • Quality Control / Terms of Sale / After Sales Service and Support
    Our Entire Library package contains some 15,000 files. Our low-priced 'IT Training Toolkit' package contains some 3000 files. It is guaranteed that there will be some typos in such a large number of files. But they have all been proof read at least once each and passed our quality control. Also, all our courses are used worldwide in classrooms and training centres every day. We try to produce perfect course manuals that are totally acceptable in English, American, Canadian and ‘International’ English and we usually succeed.

  • Payment by card and remote payments policy:


    Privacy - We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties.

    Payment Flow and Delivery Policy Digital goods are supplied by download or on DVD. Please look at the product or product package you are purchasing and check whether supply is by download or delivery on DVD. For DVD order fulfilment, the order will be sent by UK Royal Mail or International registered post.

    Following payment for digital products, download instructions will be sent as soon as possible after payment notification is received. This is normally within 2 hours. However, due to international time differences and orders outside of regular working days, download instructions may take up to 12 hours to be sent. If your order is urgent and immediate delivery critical, please use the phone numbers on our contact page or email us  to advise us and we guarantee to fulfil without delay.

  • Refunds policy
    Please be aware that what you are purchasing is a licence to use the courseware. If you lose the courseware that is no problem, you are entitled to receive another copy because you still own your courseware licence. But the way you use the courseware and the restrictions regarding refunds apply on a licence basis. For a full copy of our terms and conditions, please ask.

    Refunds will be given at the discretion of the management. However, once courseware has been used, read and/or downloaded we are unable to give a refund due to our basic licensing rules. By ‘used’ we mean the following – opening the courseware in editable format, copying the courseware onto other media (drives, CDs), printing the courseware. Where customers download courseware, receive it in emails, or run a CD that constitutes ‘use/used’

  • Basic customer care statement
    We like to keep customers happy. Where there is a problem, please do alert us immediately and we will try to rectify and/or compensate as quickly and comprehensively as possible.

If there is a problem in a course manual or a typo or any other error, please tell us and we will rectify it as quickly as we can. It is in our interest to constantly strive for perfection in our courseware.


Courseware Satisfaction Pledge
If you purchase a course from us and you are not totally happy with all its content for any reason, we will offer you any other additional course from our available courses list free of charge. Where customers purchase multiples this offer is multiplied appropriately.


Delivery of Courseware
To all our valued customers, we emphasise that what you purchase from us is a licence to use our courseware. If you lose any courseware we send to you or it becomes corrupted or attacked by viruses in your systems, simply ask us to send it again. This is free where we can email the courseware to you but if it has to be sent on CD we make a charge of 10 GBP for each CD we send to cover media supply and postage and packing.

In our despatch, to the best of our knowledge, courseware is sent out error and virus free and in a usable format. If you do not receive the courseware you purchased a licence to use, please notify us as soon as possible for resending.


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